2 blade (8-Pack)

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  • Time to Go Green: Every year, billions of disposable plastic razors end up polluting our oceans and forests. Time to put a stopper to reckless plastic waste with the Nukka zero plastic, eco-friendly bamboo razor blades, an ideal choice for responsible men and women!

  • Finest Grade Construction: These men’s and women’s double razors are made with premium quality, eco-friendly materials, a combination of recyclable Swedish steel blades, natural bamboo handle and corn made cartridge, being biodegradable and plastic free!

  • Enhanced Precision: Unlike similar products on the market, our men’s and ladies razors enjoy ultra-sharp high-precision dual blades which allow for a smooth shaving experience even when dealing with sensitive skin!
  • Lightweight and User Friendly: Featuring an ergonomic design with well-balanced lightweight handle, plus a refreshing aloe vera strip that has a calming effect on your gentle skin, the Nukka bamboo razors will surely win you over on the first try!

  • Enough To Go Around: Order these eco-friendly disposable blades and you’ll receive a convenient 8-pack, perfect for sharing with your loved ones! An excellent choice for enjoying silky legs or a nicely shaved and groomed beard!