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Our 1 Million

Reduce 1 million tons of plastic waste from our daily routines before 2024 by providing plastic-free self-care solutions.

You know how most eco-friendly products can be so basic, non-functional, or uninspiring for the majority of people, despite of the brilliant purpose they serve?

We solve that, because we create awesome planet-friendly personal care products based on a big purpose, strong functionality and great designs, so you don’t have to deal with that feeling of doubt anymore and actually enjoy the process of reducing plastic-waste while taking good care of yourself.

#1Mtonsless by Nukka.

We’re here to redefine the whole experience.

The future is bright, and so are we. Our goal is to transform the entire notion of personal care from the ground up, and replace every single plastic item in our routines, with a more sustainable, intelligent, and harmless option. We’re planning to be non-stop innovators.

Our target audience is mindful and self-aware. They’re looking for sustainable solutions to better living habits, and they’re willing to shift consumer behavior if the product works, the impact is relevant, and the overall design is influential and appealing. Our commitment is to make things beautiful and inspiring to overcome indifference, and light up action. We don’t want to do the same basic, and unexciting eco-friendly products. We want to make people feel proud — of being green.

“Hey, thank you.
We like you too.”


Nukka is a Sweden-based purpose-driven toiletries company creating planet-friendly personal care products based on a big purpose and with stylish design, so you don’t have to deal with the feeling of the doubt anymore and enjoy the process of educing plastic-waste with products that will make you feel good and proud of being green.