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"Not getting any rashes. That was my favorite thing šŸ™Œā€"

Razors that make a difference

From theĀ sustainable materialsĀ we use to build our razors, to theĀ crafted handsĀ that put them together. From theĀ company cultureĀ that we carefully molded, to the creative ways weĀ packĀ andĀ shipĀ each razor - everything we do is meant to take good care of our people and this beautiful planet. Being sustainable is in our veins and we are gonna stand proud for that every day.

Look good. Feel great. Make an impact.

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- Oh, one more thing

Take care of yourself. Wake up early. Exercise often. Laugh a lot. Eat healthily. Be kind. Take a few deep breaths. Stay in the moment. Read books. Have a cup of hot chocolate. Shave with good music. And be your absolute best because it does matter baby!. šŸ™‚ -

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